Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Who is Jesus Christ?

Jesus Christ is an immortal being, the son of the Living God
who created all things. All things that were created were
created through Jesus Christ who is also called the Word, the
Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.

Some 2000 years ago, Jesus gave up his power and glory in
Heaven, came to Earth in the form of a small baby born to a
Jewish Virgin named Mary. The baby Jesus did not have a
human father - he was very God of very God. His mother was
fully human, meaning he was also fully human. We can truly
say he was fully God and fully man. While he was on Earth, he
was called both the Son of God and the son of man.

Jesus lived a normal human life up until the time he began his
ministry. The only thing that was unique about him compared
to those around him was that he never sinned. This had to be a
very strange thing to the people around him who likely watched
him very closely to see if they could ever catch him doing
something wrong! However, the Bible makes it very clear that he
fulfilled ALL the Law, meaning he was completely perfect; the
only human being to ever be able to make that claim.

During his brief ministry, he taught constantly about the holiness,
perfection and love of God, the needs of mankind, and that we
should all love one another and love God. He performed many
miracles which were witnessed by many people in many areas of
the country. He also taught that one day he would be crucified
and die, paying the price for the sins of all people of all time, and
then rise again, defeating both sin and death for all eternity.

Eventually, the religious leaders saw Jesus as a threat to their
authority and incited the people to have him crucified by the Roman
soldiers who keep the country under Rome's control. Jesus was
nailed alive to a wooden cross, died miraculously quickly (before
his legs were broken - as it was prophecied around 700 years earlier
that not a bone in his body would be broken). He was buried in a
borrowed tomb, a very large stone was put across the entrance
(a hole in the side of a hill) and two guards stood in place to keep
everyone away from the tomb.

In the morning on the third day after he was crucified, the guards
were stunned to see that the stone was gone and the tomb was
empty. They ran to the authorities with their story who paid them
to tell everyone that the body was stolen.

Jesus appeared alive after that to a very large number of
eyewitnesses, many of whom are mentioned in the Bible. Contrary
to what many skeptics like to say, the resurrection of Jesus Christ
is a well-established historical fact that would stand up under the
legal scrutiny of even our highest courts.

Jesus ascended into Heaven after some 40 days and is there now,
but has promised to come back. All who put their faith in trust
in him for their salvation from sin and for eternal life will be
saved. He did ALL the work on the cross for us and there is
nothing we can DO to be saved. We must simply trust him for
what he has already done.

You can read the eye-witness accounts and teachings
in the Bible in the New Testament. You can read or listen
to the audio version of the the KJV Bible online at http://daveshearth.com/search.html
or download the KJV Bible at http://www.onlinebible.net


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This is a wonderful and insightful commentary on Who Jesus is.
Thank you so much for this invitation.

Your friend in Christ,
Classic Corners
Janise Collins

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